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School-to-Work education systems

help students answer the questions:

  • School-to-Work looks different in every community and school, based on the resources, needs, wishes, and values of those involved.
  • School-to-Work is a partnership between educators, employers, labor representatives, students, parents, and government.
  • The 3 basic components of a School-to-Work education system are:

Partners in the Montana School-to-Work System include:

  • a State level System Team and Specialists with representatives from the Governorís Office, Department of Labor & Industry, Department of Commerce, Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education, Montana Job Training Partnership, Inc., Department of Public Health and Human Services, and the Office of Public Instruction.
  • an Advisory Board of Montanans from across the state representing many constituent groups.
  • eight Regional Technical Assistance Providers who assist STW schools in their region, and build sustainable peer-based technical assistance network in their region.
  • One hundred and twenty local community partnerships throughout Montana who coordinate the local School-to-Work systems in their communities.

School-to-Work is a great opportunity for all students!  Because it creates a connection between curriculum and the application to real life, students are more motivated to take an active part in their education.  Through a well organized STW system, students are able to explore a variety of career opportunities, giving them a better foundation for making sound career choice decisions and an understanding of employability standards.

Brian Patrick, Superintendent,
Townsend Schools

Montana School-to-Work is about helping all young people: 
  • understand the changing world of work that faces them;

  • widen occupational horizons by investigating many options;

  • attain valuable skills they'll need to survive in a rapidly-changing labor market;

  • learn and value academic subjects;

  • relate schooling to the world of work and life;

  • make wise choices;

  • see clear paths to their futures;

  • feel good about themselves and achieve success as they define it.

Summary of Montana's STW Initiative


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